Commercial Services

Building Washing

The outside of your business' building is often times the first impression your customers will have. It is vital to keep the curb appeal and appearance of your business top-notch.

Concrete Cleaning

The concrete surfaces around your home or business suffer constant abuse from the outside elements. Over time this can leave your concrete looking dirty, grimy, and stained.

Roof Cleaning

You may think that a complete roof replacement is necessary, however, sometimes a good cleaning can restore your roof to a like-new appearance and can prevent the necessity of installing a brand new roof.

Parking Lots & Garages

Commercial parking lot cleaning involves dry or wet sweeping to remove loose surface dirt and debris. Often times, removing oil, grease, food, gum, and stains requires high-pressure washing techniques as well.

Paint Preparation

At J&J Power Washing, we understand that a great looking paint job does wonders for the curb appeal of your business, and a perfect paint job always starts before the first coat of paint is even applied.

Fleet & Construction Equipment

Your presentation with your fleet and construction equipment is your mobile billboard for advertising your business to the world, and maintaining them not only improves presentation but also keeps your vehicles and your crew safe.

Chicken Houses & Farm Equipment

J&J Power Washing offers cleaning services for all your farming needs, to remove the mud, debris, grease, and diesel residue. We have the availability to travel to any location and clean your equipment.

Car Wash Bay Cleaning

Customers who frequent your car wash bay are obviously concerned with the cleanliness of their vehicles, which is why a grimy, dirty environment will drive potential customers away.

Gum & Graffiti Removal

Gum and graffiti are often difficult to remove if you do not have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment. Having these professionally removed from your building and surfaces will restore your property to the clean, fresh, welcoming appearance your clients expect while maintaining the lowest possible cost to you.