Seal Coating

J&J Power Washing also offers residential and commercial blacktop sealcoating and crack filling!

Asphalt can and will absorb water and other liquids during its lifespan. Water can freeze and its expansion can tear your sidewalks and driveways apart.

Our sealant is squeegeed on, not sprayed. The pressure exerted by the squeegee forces the sealant into surface cracks creating a bond that is of higher quality. This method takes a little more work to apply but provides a much better protection. Also, squeegeeing the sealant on assures we keep the product on your asphalt and not on your house or sidewalks!

Other liquids can carry salt and acid deposits that can eat up the base of your nearest walkway in no time. Sealcoating acts as a shield against dangerous fluids, and J&J is equipped to extend the life of your asphalt today.

Prior to sealcoating, we inspect the asphalt for any cracks whether they be big or small. We use a rubberized crack sealant to fill these cracks preventing further damage to your blacktop. If those cracks are not filled properly water will continue to sink into your asphalt and expand those cracks.

For a look at some of our asphalt work, be sure to check out our galleries. For a full listing of what we can do, check out our services page! Sealcoating helps protect your driveway while also leaving it looking great!

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