Chicken Houses & Farm Equipment

Clean farm equipment has been proven to last longer and is more effective in the long run, which is why it is vital to routinely wash your equipment. Beginning with the undercarriage of your farm equipment and working our way up, we ensure that every inch of your equipment is thoroughly cleaned and degreased properly. Pressure washing is the ideal method for keeping your farm equipment clean and working effectively over a longer period of time. We then utilize soaps and detergents to get to the final state of cleanliness and restore that like-new shine.

J&J Power Washing offers cleaning services for all your farming needs, especially Chicken Houses. It is highly recommended to clean your chicken houses before bringing in a new flock. This will get rid of any diseases or bugs that your old flock may have been carrying. We have the availability to travel to any location and clean your poultry houses. We clean everything from the tunnel fans and the drinkers to the ceilings and walls.

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