Paint Preparation

At J&J Power Washing, we understand that a great looking paint job does wonders for the curb appeal of your business, and a perfect paint job always starts before the first coat of paint is even applied. Paint that cracks, peels, bubbles up, and flakes is often the result of poor preparation. Many times, the paint will not properly adhere to the surface because prep work has been poorly done and the end result looks unprofessional and unsightly.

Exterior surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and washed, which is why using pressurized, heated water is one of the best ways to clean your building's surfaces. The hot temperature of the water will wash away even the toughest of stains, grime, mold, algae, and contaminants that have built up on the exterior of your building.

Surface preparation is time-consuming, tedious, and cannot be rushed, which is why J&J Power Washing offers professional paint preparation services. We'll ensure your business gets the proper prep treatment needed to flawlessly paint.

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