Consumer Beware

3 Things You MUST Ask Your House Washing Service!

-Are Your Detergents Environmentally Friendly?

It's your property, of course it should be left free of residual chemicals. You need to be sure up front that lawns and shrubs are not harmed by contaminants, not to mention children and pets. However, even when you ask, some house washing companies will assure you that their cleaning materials are "biodegradable" or that their chemicals are "neutralized". Use detergents that are formulated to be 100% environmentally safe from the start.

-Have You Reviewed Your Detergent's MSDS?

MSDS stands for "Material Safety Data Sheet". This industry - standard form includes information about ingredients, properties, handling, potential risks or hazards and instructions in the case of accidentals spills. Most Contractors have no idea what ingredients are in the products they use. As an added precaution, also ask your house washing pro if they first test their cleaning products on a small hidden part of the house surface to be sure there is no unexpected reaction or other issue.

-Do You Only Remove Mildew?

If your house washing contractor just removes mildew, they're doing a very small part of the job. To remove mildew, most contractors use bleach! Just remember bleach is a corrosive! There are much safer and more effective ways to wash a substate. A well structured, "alkaline detergent bed" will kill the mildew and penetrate to the roots.

5 Things You MUST Know About Washing With Bleach

-Do You Use Bleach To Wash The House?

No, Bleach is often used as an inexpensive and ineffective cleaning chemical by house washers. It can degrade siding and roofing materials. Also be sure your house washer is not using caustic chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide.

-Will Bleach Permanently Solve a Moss, Mold Or Algae Problem?

Bleach will not solve a moss, mold or algae problem. It only makes the matter translucent by bleaching it out. The homeowner will then have to call the washing company again. This will continue to happen as it is a vicious cycle to feed off of a homeowner's checkbook. This is what a washing company that uses bleach wants, it creates income on making the customers return more frequently.

-Is Overspray Of Bleach Dangerous for Plants, Pets and Wildlife Around Our Home?

Yes, overspray of bleach is dangerous for plants, trees, pets and wildlife.
When a washing company comes to your home, their intention is to only spray their solution onto your home. However, it is nearly impossible to keep the bleach on only the house. Not only is bleach corrosive and damaging to the plants it directly comes in contact with, it will most likely kill plants altogether. Eventually you’ll soon see how effectively it ruins the ecological balance around your home, what the human can smell for a week, the wildlife can smell for a month. Nature is a good thing…. so just say “NO TO BLEACH”.

-Is It Safe To Use Bleach On Roof?

Bleach is not made to be used so a roof cleaning chemical. It kills the surface algae but can not penetrate the roof shingle granules to remove mold root structures. If this method is used the roof stains will return in as few as 9 months, and the roof mold may be worse than ever.

-Can Bleach Wreak Havoc On Other Parts Of My Home?

Yes, bleach can unexpectedly wreak havoc on other parts of your home.
When you have your home washed with bleach numerous times the bleach solution will eventually destroy parts of your home. Bleach is a corrosive agent that can damage your gutters and downspouts.