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What is a Pressure Washer?

A pressure washer is a machine that sprays highly pressurized water for exterior cleaning services. A residential type pressure washer contains four basic parts – a motor, which is either run by electricity or gasoline, water pump, sprayer and a high-pressure hose. To make sourcing water easier, most washers have connectors where a garden hose can be attached to it so it will be easier to obtain water supply. The internal pump provides a steady amount of water (gallons per minute). Although the pressure inside the internal pump cannot be changed, the valve in the sprayer can be altered.

Spray Patterns

Spray patterns vary according to the area and the material to be washed. For instance, loose stream water are more suited for washing roofs and sidings. Flat fan shape sprays are better for concrete power washing. Pinpoint jet sprays are for corners and those hard to reach areas. The latter is more suited for spot cleaning. There are different spray nozzles that allows these spray patterns. However, no matter what the type of spray pattern, it is still enough to cause injury to the skin.

Pressure washers that run on gasoline are more powerful compared to electrical units. They can exert as much as 4,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). Electrical units can only operate half the pressure only. There are also special units where a small heater is attached to provide hot water. This is especially useful for removing stubborn grease and dirt.

Safety Tips when Operating Pressure Washers

Pressure washers must be operated from a safe distance from the area that should be cleaned. If the nozzle is pointed too close, it can strip the paint off the wall, deform a car or break up the asphalt. It can exert extreme pressure that oil stains can be removed from the top layer of the concrete. Care must be taken when cleaning windows too. Pressure must be lowered to prevent the windows from breaking or cracking.

Never point the water spray to anyone and even to your pets. The pressure is so strong it can cause injury to any living creature. Also, make sure that electrical connections are secured before operating it.

Follow the instructions prescribed by the manufacturer. Use the right type of chemicals for units that also inject soap or detergent. If an unprescribed chemical is used it may damage the unit. Also, check for any cracks or broken seals in the nozzle head or hose.

If you will be hiring a power washing contractor, make sure to get a legit company with well-trained staff. Their technicians should be able operate the machine efficiently and safely. If you are looking for a company offering power washing services Ocean Pines MD, power washing services Berlin MD, power washing Berlin MD, power washing Ocean Pines MD or power washing Delaware, J and J Powerwashing is the company for you. Call or email us now.