Pressure washers rely on large volumes of water to clean surfaces and get rid of dirt and grime. Compared to an ordinary garden hose, water from a pressure-washing unit can clear any debris in a short span of time. Due to its efficiency, less water is actually wasted. However, this depends on the type and brand of machine used. There are pressure washers that use less gallons of water per minute. As a rule, the higher the pressure, the more efficient the machine is, the lesser water is spent.

Most of the time though, average pressure washers use around eight gallons of water per minute (GPM). A pressure washer with around five GPM is already efficient. To do this, the pressure would be increase, say from 10 pounds per square inch to 50 PSI.

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Some pressure washers can even blow very intense pressure at around 1500 to 2000 PSI. A pressure washer spraying with that much pressure can definitely blow away anything at a reduced volume of water.

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